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World History Revisited, (part I?)

Posted: August 19, 2011 in analysis

We return to World Net Daily yet again, but this time, it is the writings of Vox Day we are considering.  In this column, he said this.

As the military history of democracies from Athens to the United States of America will show, democracies are actually more aggressively militant than most non-democracies. In fact, there has never been a more democratically legitimate leader than Adolf Hitler, who, unlike the unelected neo-fascists of the present European Union, went to the people no less than four times to confirm public support for his actions.

Again, the conclusion of this statement is uninteresting, but the premise demands further analysis.  It is a very broad, sweeping statement, covering both ancient and modern politics, and making a bold claim counter to common wisdom.  So, lets try to figure out if there is any support for it. (more…)


Executive Experience

Posted: August 16, 2011 in analysis

On the front page of, contributor Melissa Clouthier writes, when considering who to support for the Republican Presidential nomination:

2. Executive Experience.
The “executive experience” requirement eliminates some folks, but oh well. I want our next President to know his or her way around the bottom line. He or she should be ok making decisions. A Governor has to be elected by a broad base of folks. A Governor has to stay true to principles but be more pragmatic. A good Governor leads.

Now, Ms. Clouthier isn’t making an objective claim here; she’s just expressing a preference.  But it’s a preference that implies a claim; that executive experience makes a better President.  But does it? (more…)

In his column on, Robert Ringer says the following about making cuts to the Federal budget.

I don’t know how much you and I pay to keep Yellowstone National Park operating, but I do know that neither I nor any of my family or immediate circle of friends has ever visited Yellowstone National Park, nor do any of us have any plans to do so.

That being the case, why are we required to pay for the guy who wants to take his son camping? Is he willing to pay for my family’s outing to an Orioles or Redskins game? The latter are operated by private corporations that charge customers enough to cover their overhead and, hopefully, make a profit. But government doesn’t have to worry about such mundane matters.

Mr. Ringer seems to have forgotten that most sports teams play in stadiums built with public money.  But, per capita, does it cost the American public more to maintain the national parks, or to build stadiums?  That is to say, is that guy actually paying for Mr. Ringer’s family outing to a ballgame?  Let’s find out. (more…)