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Two Links

Posted: July 19, 2011 in links

I have some analyses brewing, but while you wait patiently for them, here are some nifty tools to do your own analysis of the current national budget situation.

First, a simple tool that lets you game out Treasury default scenarios in August.  When the government can’t take on more debt, what gets paid for and what doesn’t?  It is from Bloomberg Government, available here.

Second, a more complex tool called Budget Hero allowing you to make tax and spending policy decisions and see the implications over the next several decades.  This one is more interesting, but naturally can’t include every option.  As far as I can tell, using their options, there is no way to get government spending under 18% of GDP, no matter what you cut.  This one is from American Public Media, and is available here.

I find tools like this very useful, since they drive home that any spending or tax policy adds or removes money from the same big pool, and can’t be considered in isolation.